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601CH - Multi Sensor CO and Heat Detector

600 Series Conventional Detectors

Security Systems
Fire Control Systems
601CH detector is a unique general purpose fire detector which provides very early warning of slow smouldering fires. Ideal for sleeping risks the CO fire detector is also well suited to many applications where heat detection is insufficient but smoke detection causes false alarms.

As CO travels more freely than smoke the position of CO fire

detectors is more flexible. This feature is particularly useful in large complex structures such as atria and warehouses, where position of smoke detectors is difficult.


  • EN54 Approved from LPCB
  • Low operational voltage: 10.5 Vdc to 33 Vdc
  • Aesthetically discreet
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Designed for rapid installation
  • Integrated alarm LED
  • Remote LED connection
  • Wiring polarity independent
  • Compatible with standard mounting base and with relay base


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